Occupational Psychologist

Need a qualified sparring partner?

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Fast, confidential and qualified support 

Most of us will experience periods in our working lives where we want to perform better, function better or develop ourselves to the next level. Moment provides fast, confidential and qualified support for managers and employees in the form of one-on-one conversations or meetings. We explore and map key challenges, resources and development areas. We help managers and employees find the right measures and channel the power to achieve a change.

What we do 

  • Establish understanding and trust
  • Create consensus on goals and content
  • Map challenges and resources
  • Use research-based knowledge and relevant measures
  • Challenge within a safe framework

Common topics 

  • Developing existing and new skills
  • Understanding management and professional roles
  • Restructuring and downsizing processes
  • Stress management and burnout
  • Family/relationship issues
  • Anxiety and depression, alcohol or sleep issues
  • Crisis management
  • Bullying and harassment

Stress management

Courses and one-on-one conversations that contribute to better stress management

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Stress management courses 

Moment has provided goal-oriented stress management courses for several years. The topics of these courses include what happens in our mind and body when we're stressed, as well as the social and health-related consequences of stress. We also review what typically causes stress in the workplace and what can be helpful to prevent and manage stress both one-on-one and in groups. We also teach practical exercises and techniques to handle stress in a good way.

One-on-one conversations 

Many of our one-on-one conversations involve how to handle stress. In these conversations, we work to organise a better daily routine, for example by clarifying expectations, setting different priorities or making necessary lifestyle changes. For those who are interested, we offer stress management exercises and mindfulness-based training (awareness training).

Sick leave

Are you on sick leave, or about to be on sick leave?

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Our follow-up 

Many of us experience periods where our physical or mental health affects our ability to work. Moment offers a range of services aimed at better equipping managers and employees to handle such periods. We cooperate closely with the individual with tailored follow-up and specific measures.

What we do 

  • Clarify the individual's capacity and resources
  • Increase insight into the form of work and understanding roles
  • Strengthen the ability to manage stress
  • Provide guidance on coping at work
  • Bolster overall job performance
  • Support the individual in coping with physical and mental challenges
  • Provide guidance in handling challenges related to cooperation or conflicts
  • Cooperate with the general practitioner, employer and other relevant authorities