Complaints and whistle-blower issues

Skilled support when ground rules are not respected

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Whistle-blower and complaint issues 

Sometimes things happen which go beyond what you should experience in the workplace. One example is serious conflicts that go unmanaged and where the strain on both those involved and the surrounding people becomes too much. Some experience being yelled at by colleagues or being managed in ways that violate their integrity and dignity. Others might experience bullying and harassment. Fortunately, this is not commonplace in most people's workday, but it can be quite serious for those who are affected.

The Working Environment Act prohibits harassment and other improper conduct in the workplace. If allegations of such actions emerge through a complaint or whistle-blowing, the employer is obliged to investigate the allegations. At this point, it is important to ensure that this is done in a competent way that protects both the complainant and the accused.

What we do 

  • Provide guidance for managers, employees and HR in complaints and whistle-blower issues
  • Conduct fact-finding surveys
  • Prepare routines for complaints and whistle-blowing
  • Implement skills development for managers and HSE players


- Help managers and employees handle the stress and discomfort of difficult working conditions
- Provide guidance for HR, managers and employees regarding good measures and professional handling of challenging circumstances

Fact-finding surveys

- Are a structured and predictable method recommended by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
- Suitable for mapping and assessing allegations of bullying, harassment or other violations of the Working Environment Act and the company's key guidelines

Drawing up routines

- Drawing up routines for reporting and handling harassment and other improper behaviour

Skills development

- Holding courses and providing guidance for managers and HSE players for professional and orderly handling of whistle-blowing and complaints