Individual manager guidance

Can you develop as a manager?

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Our manager guidance 

A manager's workday consists of a series of choices and dilemmas. Our manager guidance focuses on expanding personal insight into the manager role. We want to give managers an arena to think aloud and receive input on their own management. Our psychologists work closely with organisations and are experts in psychology in working life. We are sparring partners who are intimately familiar with a manager's workday.

Typical topics 

  • Strategies for perspective and flexibility in the manager role
  • Handling dilemmas in the manager role
  • Exercising leadership that reflects your own values
  • Developing relationships and trust
  • Building awareness of talents and development areas
  • Stress management and protecting your own energy
  • Personal management and organising everyday life
  • Management team development
  • Are you able to apply the management team's resources?

Management Team Development

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Our management team development 

All management teams benefit from an outside perspective. The potential of a well-functioning management team is considerable, both for the team's members and the organisation as a whole. Moment's organisational psychologists have extensive knowledge regarding effective interaction and group dynamics, and assist management teams in various ways.

What we do 

  • Map the management team's resource and development areas
  • Monitor, provide feedback and guide the management team in their work
  • Train and teach management teams specific skills
  • Handle cooperation challenges and conflicts
  • Typical development areas
  • Shared goals and shared understanding of the management team's purpose
  • The team's diversity as a resource, rather than a disturbing factor
  • Effective decision processes and good follow-up
  • Chairing meetings
  • Dialogue training
  • Strategy development

Manager Development Programmes

Do the managers have the needed expertise?

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Our manager development programmes 

Good manager development programmes must be tailored to the organisation's needs, the overall strategy and management criteria. Moment designs manager development programmes in close collaboration with its clients. The programmes accommodate the managers' different needs and situations, and are therefore easy to translate into the workday.

What we do 

  • Map the managers' measurable strengths and development areas
  • Give brief and hands-on presentations
  • Facilitate discussions, sharing experience and practical training in leadership skills
  • Create a safe and simultaneously challenging framework for learning
  • Provide space for reflection and using the skills between sessions
  • Provide support in specific, current leadership challenges
  • Assist in expectations conversation with senior manager prior to the first gathering and subsequent follow-up conversations with line managers as needed

The manager role

- Effective management
- Key management challenges
- Goal achievement and the joy of work
- Ethical dilemmas

Change management

- What is change management?
- How do you understand and handle resistance?
- Organisational culture
- Power and influence

Effective teams

- What are effective teams
- Chairing meetings
- Creative teams
- Developing management teams

Vibrant leadership

- Motivating leadership
- Personal management
- Situational leadership
- Stress in the manager role